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Boat Transport Services

Do you want to bring your boat to another place, but you can't sail it there? And you want someone with experience and expertise to do that job for you? Get a quote now!


We work together with competent and experienced companies worldwide. All transfers are insured and of course we plan all necessary details for your yacht transport. We offer a easy transportation concet, that is specialized for your boat.


Our experts transport your boat with all important standards customary within shipping industry.


The lifting and cradling systems are led by qualified personnel and decades of practice in shipping large and heavy yachts.


Our claim to ourself is a contract proper execution of the service. Deviations are immediately communicated and avoided wherever possible.


We cooperate only with experienced transport companies and logistics companies. Every order is individually negotiated and designed in close consultation with you.

The route planning and organizational barriers are made by us, to give you the maximum comfort.

You provided us with the planning, organization and execution of transport and you don't need to worry about your yacht.

Get a quote now!

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