• Betriebsausflug auf dem Wasser

Sail as a team

Teamsailing is a intensive and interactive Team-Event for your employees and colleagues. Unforgettable days on the water increase the productivity of your team!

First-Class Teamevent on a boat

Passion, team spirit and motivation are the success factors for good seamanship. All participants learn to be an elementary part of the crew. Our coaches encourage mutual and open communication of the participants and show how to draw the same direction. Socially they learn keep track of a common course. For this purpose, a long-term positive change in team culture is created.

Windy Company Outing

Goal: Pull on a sheet together and set course for new challenges.

Exciting Regatta

Grow to a more efficient team.

Weatherproof Friendships

Through tactical challenges and direct communication, our participants cross borders and become friends.

Orientation by Navigation

Only the coordinated teamwork brings the ship on the right course.

Teambuilding Options

Option: 1 Day Company Outing

Sail with your team for a day in your desired area. For example, on the IJsselmeer in the Netherlands or in Majorca. Experience an exciting and varied day on the water. The day will begin with an interactive introductions and an introduction to the world of sailing. Aboard the most important terms and handles are declared before we will leave the port. More boats are in use, a regatta is organized. The day ends with a shared BBQ or catering (as desired).

Option: 2 or 3 Days on Sea

In 2 or 3 days, a smaller trip is possible. Initially, we will select a route within the team. With a varied program, the participants will be actively involved in sailing. Everyone over takes the control or the mainsheet. If there a more boats use, a regatta is organized. Processes from the professional life are physically tangible and visible through the special situation on board for all participants.

Option: Team-Event as desired

We can customize our offer to your individual wishes. Would you like to drive certain stations or add special program with points? The design of the teambuilding action is limitless. We are happy to advise you!

Your Benefits

Sailing has a huge potential to improve the performance of your team to increase. No other sport unites people so impartially and so intense. The combination of direct communication and arranging in a confined space creates a new way of dealing with each other.

Challenges besides the everyday working life, coupled with subsequent reflection of experience, leads to real teambuilding and group bonding. It created synergy effects for long-term and low-conflict cooperation. In particular, social and interpersonal skills are promoted and enrich mutual understanding within a hierarchical structure.

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