• Überführung der Yacht

Professional boat delivery

Your boat needs to be transferred to another harbour or shipyard and you are looking for an experienced crew to do that? Let us take care of you and your yacht delivery!


We provide you with a skipper and, if needed, a whole crew. We deliver your yacht according to your wishes. Of course the professional planning and execution to all areas is included. We offer a complete delivery package that is customized to your yacht.


Our experts deliver your boat professionallly with all industry standards.


We want that the owner knows where his yacht is located at any time. That's why the owner and skipper are in uninterrupted contact. The position of your yacht can also be tracked with GPS.


Contract proper execution of the service is our top priority. Deviations are immediately communicated and avoided wherever possible.

Costs of delivery

Option 1: Full-Service with crew

We transfer your yacht completely independently with our professional skippers and yachtcrew. You won't need to worry about anything. The fixed price is composed of nautical miles, the time needed and crew.

Option 2: Skipper Service without crew

We make use of deckhands or passengers. You may also find yourself on board in order to reduce costs. The price is accordingly variable.

Option 3: Individual

The yacht can also be delivered in stages or in a roundabout way to the destination. You define the route and the crew needed. Feel free to contact us!


We check each of our skipper personally. The quality and professionalism, as well as the sense of responsibility of the skipper are our top priority.

With our crew and skipper guarantee the transfer is guaranteed at all times. The yacht transfer will only be done with adequate crew placed.

You leave to us the planning, organization and execution of the delivery and don't need to worry about your yacht.

Order delivery now!

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